Every Business Should Have a Website: Here is Why

Having an online presence in our day and age can have a massive impact on a business’s success. A majority of customers visit your online website before making a purchase for your goods or services. 

A strong online presence, particularly a website and social media, can be the making or breaking point for generating more revenue. Quality and performance directly affect results your website will have on your consumers.

We have helped numerous businesses create their digital presence.

In some cases, organizations are hesitant to get online because they feel they are not tech-savvy enough and don’t understand how to manage a website. Other times, companies are concerned about the price.

The good news is that there’s a solution out there that will work for you. If you still need convincing, here are the top reasons it’s important for your business to have a website:

  1. Leads
    One of the most important reasons to have a website is because it can increase awareness to your business. 

    Once people find you online, become interested in your product or service and want to know more, they’ll know how to contact you thanks to the information on your website, which gives you the opportunity to increase your sales. Even though websites have a cost, when used correctly, they have a positive ROI.

  2. Organic Traffic
    Once you have a website which is SEO-optimized, it will regularly bring in traffic for your business. This means that when people are searching for the specific product or service your business provides, you show up. This drastically increases sales and revenue.

  3. Credibility
    Before you decide to purchase from a business or visit them, you check them out online. An online presence, such as social media and a website builds credibility for your brand. Chances are there are many businesses offering the same services as you. A key way to stand out is by having an optimized website that clearly voices important information for your customers.

  4. Saves you Time & Money
    Being able to post your hours of operation, location, and important updates and announcements is crucial for your success. Rather than having to answer every call and relay basic information, you can have it posted on your website for your customers to easily find and view when they need an answer! Missing a phone call can lead to angry customers not wanting to do business with your brand. Avoid this by having your important information up on your website. 


Websites have become essential to business today. I strongly recommend creating one if you haven’t done so already. Contact Code Synap, a professional website designer to build and optimize your new or existing website today! 


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